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Based in Hungary X Produkcio offers refined world music from Hungary and its region. Our team has been involved in organizing folk, jazz and world music concerts for a decade now. We have close contact to Vojvodina and the Balkan creating a wide view of East European music trends. X-Produkcio represents prominent performing artists by providing them with booking and management services.

Our portfolio is a fine selection, our featured artists are all excellent representatives of their own music genre. We have close cooperation with some leading festivals in the region: Budapest Folk Fest, Héttorony Festival, Dombosfest and organize concerts in the main cultural places of Budapest.

As music company we have released 45 CD’s among others the first tree albums of Boban Markovic, and the album of the Elemér Balázs group featuring Nuria Rial.

We represent

Félix Lajkó
the renowned violin and zither player and composer World Music Charts Europe toplist No1 (Aug, Sep 2013)
Muzsikás Folk Ensemble
Womex award winners in 2008
Both Miklós FolkSide
Hungary’s world music elite in a band
Balogh Kálmán – Karaván Familia
a “Gipsy Reunion” – music without borders
Buda Folk Band
from village gate to city tower, tradition givers their music power!
Hungarian representation of the Boban Markovic Orkestar
considered to be one of the best Balkan gypsy brass bands

Quality is guaranteed by these musicians who not follow but create trends. They help fulfilling our mission: to improve the world by enchanting artistic contribution.


X Produkció


László Horváth – Artistic manager +36 30 220 6453

Silvia Winkler – International booking +36 30 485 8554, +49 171 7510153, xprodukcio.mail@gmail.com, winkler.silvia@gmail.com

Anna Hegedűs – PR manager +36 30 565 8442